Month: January 2018

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Things your family dentist dislikes about you

Most people do not like visiting the dentist, both adults and children alike. But did you know that there are things that you do which your family dentist also dislikes? The Dr. Kesteven Dentist of Abbotsford deals with a sensitive part of your body, the mouth. It can be very filthy inside the mouth and therefore it is important to also show the family dentist some regard. Here are some of the things that your dentist might not really like about you.

When you don’t clean your teeth before an appointment – the dentist is used to seeing plaque and dealing with decayed and browned teeth. This however does not mean that you should intentionally fail to clean your teeth so that you go to the dentist with as much filth as possible. It is only fair if the teeth are cleaned before visiting the dentist. If you have lunch or a snack before visiting the dentist and do not have a way to clean your teeth, that is okay. The problem is when you choose not to clean your teeth the day before because you have an appointment tomorrow.

When you complain about dentists to your dentist – yes some dentists have a bad reputation or you may associate dentists with pain. Regardless of the reasons you have to have a general dislike for dentists, please do not tell your dentist how you feel. You might hurt their feelings and affect their ability to work with professionalism. What if the dentist also told you how much they do not like you? It is important that you keep the relationship and the trust between you and your dentist at the best.

Complaining about the bill afterwards – some people are fond of complaining to the dentist about the bill after whatever procedure they required was carried out. When you go to a dentist Orthodontia and they recommend a procedure you are not familiar with, it is essential that you enquire on the price. If you feel it is too high you can ask for a discount or you can try shopping for the service at another dentist. Some people go as far as throwing a tantrum and calling the dentist names.

When you don’t take their professional advice seriously – if the family dentists suggests something it is best that you put it in consideration before things get out of hand. Some people ignore the suggestions given to them then they find themselves in a situation where they are in pain and are calling the dentist for an emergency which could have been repaired a long time ago and save them the pain.

It is important that the family members maintain a good relationship with their dentist so that things do not become awkward later on.

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